Clash of Clans ♦ 54 War Wins in a ROW! ♦ CoC World Record?! ♦

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  1. Szopdle anyad galadon

  2. GOBS ONLY is on a 53 winstreak and they have 121 wins 0 losses and 1 draw

  3. This is the first successful irl clan I've ever seen. I've seen it hold people back because they were too afraid to join a better clan because thanksgiving dinner would be awkward. They're also too nervous to call each other out on poor strategies for the same reason. I've had people join and then ask if their friend or cousin or whatever relation can join. When they do, any issue with one of them becomes an issue with both of them. As much as it's nice to see, I would say that this clan is an anomaly. Congratulations to them, though.

  4. Italy good war 186

  5. ICE ICE BABY!!! had the best streak ever in clan wars

  6. Lol your kinda strange, world record is 81 in a row …

  7. For a second i thought it was clash royale i was like damn nigga

  8. I'm part of Tha BMTs….we all work together and have quite a good war log

  9. Galadon we have 100+ more because of the update our clan only reflects 70 🙂 but there are so many clans there who has more..


  10. Galadon why are you saying 54 wins is a world record when theirs clans that have 70-90 win streaks

  11. hello

  12. I am in a clan with one classmate and my brother 🙂 the clan is called transformar :)

  13. So have a school clam called orange chicken and imperial lords join plz :/

  14. fullari servers motherfucjers

  15. ik know a clan with 40 wins and 40 in a row it is my freeser clan!!!

  16. My Clan 74 win streak

  17. my clan had an 86 war win streak

  18. 57 here

  19. Now they have 58

  20. Found a clan with 59 war win streak

  21. +90 win streak on my clan : Magestic
    My player name is Majysty

  22. Why they changed wizard's animation, why they changed sounds, and, most important, CHAT IS SO DIZZY right now, when you typing something it raises, when you sending msg it lowers, and it's every message, so displeasing!

  23. my clan is great I know them all and its call TheBlackSnipers

  24. I'm in a clan with 2 classmates and 3 family members and we are indeed having a fun time.Shoutout to these guys !!

  25. I found a funny bug about the queen after the update. Its on my channel take a look :)

  26. my clan is international and we use LINE app to communicate

  27. I'm in a school clan

  28. Muff means vagina, they're vagina busters lol

  29. I founded my high school clan after my friends kicked me from the original clan clan. their clan died, ours survived, but almost everyone stopped playing except for me and the leader. I'm in college and turn down offers to join my friend's clans. I'm just too proud of getting over lvl 5 clan perks.

  30. se have 33 war streaks in a row!!!!

  31. I started my own clan name Ballerz with my friends from school and we talk outside of clash so we know each other
    I find it easier this way

  32. mines on a 76 clan streak

  33. Shrub Central, we are family and friends.

  34. Es hibt ein lvl12 clan with 59 wins