Clash of Clans ♦ Are You Serious? Is That Even a THING? ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. hi im a th6 not sure how to attack biggest problem is air defense and mortars can you help

  2. very nice video

  3. Galadon is a freaking beast 2 stars with that strat 

  4. Why did you use 4 earthquakes at 6:36 rather than just 1 jump spell?! They would have done the same job, but 4 earthquakes takes up twice as much room in the spell factory!

  5. congrats on 800k subs..dude….n i wanna tell u..m ur biggest fan!!!

  6. Did anybody else notice that if you check in the game galadon is back to champion?

  7. Galadon, didnt you waste spells in your attack? 4 EQ + 1 jump = 6 spots, when you could have just used 2 jump for the exact same purpose to clear a path all the way to the town hall?

  8. It's Called Super Dragoon

  9. Wish this would've been titled "Abstract Attacks and Strange Strategies" for the alliteration =)

  10. You uploaded this 3 days ago

  11. I like turtules

  12. In war it's either 2 stars or nothing! Yea ur a fag 3 stars win wars just sayin

  13. Your attack will be called gagloon attack. Lol

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  15. Nice. I like the funneling idea that queen is tough to get to the town hall since her targeting is so bipolar

  16. Why do you not upload other townhall levels? You only do th 10's? I really want to see townhall 8 defenses against townhall 9's and 10's. It is hard to defend against th 9's and 10's so I'd appreciate if you actually upload videos of other townhalls, even if it is th 1-9, I am sure people get tired of only watching defenses and attacks with townhall 10 bases.

  17. Please do more videos like this one. I really enjoyed it.

  18. nice videos galadon . what is the best attack strategy for th 9

  19. I love how you can call out the negative comments before they even happen.