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  1. the infamous rule 39…

  2. Where is 3star attacks?

  3. hey can u give me 100 dollar gems i am watching your channel for 1 year i seen most of u r videos

  4. Is there a reason I can't find your clan" in the search any clan " ??

  5. When an ad comes in from game of war and the girls boobs are almost slipping out.
    "Brings phone closer to face"

  6. Hey,
    I would like to know the name of your intro song.
    Thank you^^

  7. Galadon, Please Reply to me


  9. Galadon, Can You Tell the Music That runs in the background in the starting of this video.

  10. Can you wish me my birthday

  11. Sometimes when we lose by 1 star I rage quite

  12. I just graduated from elementary Grade 7! And Galadon repsonded to me! One of the best days of my life!

  13. Too much hype over nothing.. running out of ideas starting to bore viewers..

  14. My life is complete now cuz he just replied :D

  15. can you do a bit more town hall 9 gameplay?

  16. What is rule 39?
    -Funkytown (williamwallace)

  17. was great to see a "blunder" from one of the top clans with that nervous finger jump spell (and perhaps forgetting to use the freeze).  good to know that it happens to you guys too!

  18. after i discover some serious clan wars youtuber,, galadon war attack look like noob now. hehee…still enjoying it though.

  19. i thought i was the only 1 who gets nervous during attacks in wars, even pro's really does 😀 #XIN #Crossingkipot clan :)

  20. Hahaha house cleaning!!!