Clash of Clans ♦ DEAD Legends? ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. Our clans are almost dead now because people are bored and they are having more fun playing Royale , it seems that half of our players are over there now most of the time

  2. yes people are leaving clash and focusing on royale, clash sucks and is dying

  3. Hi Galadon, I love your content. Im a completely free to play th11, and i wont do any attacks unless my heroes are healed up. Could you please ask the COC team if they could have notifications for when heroes are ready?… From what i can tell, majority of the people i know prefer clash royale because every battle is different and it has a proper skill factor. Training the same repeated army and attacking with it in the exact same way to win has become very boring in coc.

  4. Clash is dead….. plain and simple. Everyone is sick of the game, the new updates really killed it for me. i played for 3 years and planned to play for a while. Not until the recent updates did I not want to play. When Clash Royale came out it really killed clash for me. Now Clash Royale is my go to game sorry clash but its dead.

  5. Go into clash and search clans search brutus make it min clan level10 in advanced settings there is a level11 CLAN

  6. they r not trying to drop trophies they said adios to coc

  7. Dead Legends=Clash Royale gemmers

  8. check this site for gems :

  9. question is the eagle artillery suppose to target the queen when she hits her cloak if not it did.

  10. galadon can you ask the developers to add a new defence or hero or troop for lower levels not th11 and th10 for th5 and 6?


  12. I quit COC

  13. it's becuse of clash Royale I quit 2

  14. SC killed the game with the November update and it is not recovered. It just still not any fun anymore, search forever overall lose resources when farming. Pushing is boring looking at clouds… SC only made it worse with their "fixes." In the end they got their money out of all the Gemmers so they just don't care.

  15. To win do good, you need not only skill, money, patience… It will test your limits… See if you are truly dedicated.

  16. Nice video. Very looty.

  17. Congrats 1 Million ??????

  18. You can't play Clash of Clans for long periods without using a crazy amount of gems, I love Clash Royale since you can keep playing for fun, you don't have to train any troops.


  20. CoC is dead….

  21. I have been playing clash royale more than coc

  22. Keep pushing! 6,000 trophies!!! Go @Galadoncoc

  23. I left COC for CR

  24. I know the best card in clash royale "Credit Card"

  25. All of your commands and buttons were in a weird language…have you been using Peters iPad? And….are you Mormon?

  26. i just got super magical chest? i was in arena 4

  27. I wanna see it

  28. Cause Clash Royale mate

  29. Please push to 6000. Clash Royale is shit I wanna see more CoC.

  30. loot is still very dry at th9 :/

  31. Bring back snipes :(

  32. yes but i am a th 10 almost max and ive used no gems only what the game has to offer!!!!!

  33. I prefer to see some crazy war stuff than trophy pushing

  34. Does this guy have fake subscribers

  35. Clash of clans is as dead as cod ghosts