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  1. If you want some gems get this asap dunno how long it will worksG

  2. Do the wallbreakers go for spikes again?

  3. Dear Galadon,

    As you probably noticed many people are unhappy with the update. The earthquake spells are pretty useless, a new dragon lvl won"t change anything because of the second airsweepers. Things are mostly only changing for air attacks and they become more inefectiv since the last update. Players who were putting many resources into air attacks are now forced to most likely switch to ground. With second air sweeper attack lavaloon pretty muched died. People quotet that already after the first airsweeper but one seemed after short time to be handeled. Now with two of them loons and hounds are very vunerable. 3 star strategys like the quatro la loon oer the golaloon were harf enough and challenging already. Please give this opinion some attention because many people are thinking that way. More and more problems for air attackers? Ground becoming the Future of CoC? Well thats seems to be the hard not player listening update plan.

    If you read this comment or people here from the comment section please spread this opinion on other Yt channels and CoC global channels.

  4. Wow ang pang

  5. Someone Finally made it to 5000! There trophy record is 5006

  6. Should there be new troops called:
    Werewolf, phoenix and griffin. Ask Supercell PLEASE!

  7. Intro song?

  8. did u leave your clan ? y is glider the leader

  9. why is the audio so far ahead of the video?

  10. Join Bushido Rule.
    We are a very unique clan with active warring and equality!
    Clan tag: #9U0LCPQR
    Come take a look around ;)

  11. At what TH level do your resources become immune to direct spell attacks. At TH 8 my dark elixir was stolen by a direct lightning spell attack. I thought the latest update was supposed to make my dark elixir immune to this type of attack.

  12. Xshow

  13. Yeah I,agree

  14. Hey galadon, Why is that the new updates messed up. Especially on war. My troops are just ignoring the cc defending troops and just focusing on the structures? Is it bug or the use of poison spell to kill the cc troops?

  15. lol hes back down to 4989 trophies hehe

  16. Yo wtf air sweepers can turn now?.. Look at the first raid in the video and the airspweeper was turning

  17. Join Yin Yang?Recruiting 600 Trophies and up??Loyal-Trustworthy-Online? ?Strong? 

  18. Thomas was a master 3 and then he turned into a Titan 2 after the attack!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  19. In the next update get 3 greek gods( Zeus, Poseidon and Hades). 
    1. Zeus will hit lightning spells to half of the base
    2. Posidon would bring a wave of water
    3. Hades will release the deads

  20. So I've been wondering this since seeing the poison spell in action.  Would a lvl 4 healer in the clan castle be able to offset the damage done by the poison spell?  Doing the math, I think it would be able to counter even a maxed poison, but I haven't been able to test it yet.