Clash of Clans ♦ VICTORY! ♦ Level 8 Clan DEFEATED! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. u only beat asian clans… #racist

  2. you suck hahaha

  3. if u want to build any th base with epic speed in coc check legend gaming121

  4. there's no way glider 3 stars so often. fair play my ass. no offence galadon ☺

  5. Galadon why don't you do Th8 anymore!

  6. I liked the old Musik more

  7. i think glider is GOD

  8. Just waiting for you to hit 888 888 subs :)

  9. why do you not say say hi to youtube guys in your clan chat ???

  10. That second base was not an anti 3 star

  11. Galadon i was so scared! i stopped getting notifications from your videos i thought u missed a day :'(
    but now i see you have 2 new videos and im happy :D

  12. Well, lost phoenix did all 100 attacks and the level 8 clan only did 74 lel

  13. My clan is lvl 8 8) check Down Fall Era

  14. what happened to LP4 Hydra

  15. Galadon you are beast

  16. LP vs. AoW^……? lol

  17. Thanks Galadon, Great video! Glider is really insane! Can't wait to see more of these clan wars attacks and incredible 3 stars!

  18. Was that a shot at molt in the intro there gally??

  19. Just letting you know minions don't set off seeking air mines. I think you meant bombs :)

  20. 888k subs illuminati confirmed