Clash of Clans 1.6 MILLION Biggest Loot Raid?

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  1. The struggle of finding loot is hard for me XD!

  2. Hi feeds accepte me in your clan plss…mya clan name is MHADZ LVL53 AND TH7 GOLD LEAGUE
    And my brother BAE TH5 SILVER LEAGUE LVL25 PLSS

  3. The biggest is 1.7 million :)

  4. TH10 war base pls.

  5. #92PJRJPQ is my clan tag,can u check out my base and post replays of what it can prevent( my bases is baller_life)

  6. Hello my brother Sorry but I want to design a farm against hler and queen and thank you categorize your achievements Aledeimh

  7. I got a 900k gold and like 300-500k elixir raid the other day, also a 600k of each raid

  8. Hey man, can you make a base design for TH 8.5? Thank you!

  9. m8 ,might you know,where you get the best loot?

  10. Omg, Nice!
    You are the best)

  11. Da heck thats the base i raided before with little over more loot lol

  12. wow

  13. This isn't the biggest raid

  14. Hey bro! Just wondering which is the best th9 farming base out of yours that protects gold and elxir aswell as dark elxir in silver and gold league. I am a half maxed th9. Thanks!

  15. Ckan you make another base Design for th9? After the Update, please farming.

  16. great find there mate!

  17. Last day i got 4 million gold in 6 hours or something, silver 3 is the best league to loot-raid if i have to be honest

  18. Damn homie! Thats jst great"

  19. Nice

  20. Quem dera eu

  21. I just got a 1.6 mil raid today also