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  1. im in feeder now but there are just horny kids lol?

  2. Hey Asascha – here is a challenge for you: Drop with trophies below the bronze league so that you have "no league" and stay there for a week farming. For me it was impossible because of the defenses … so try it please.

  3. master

  4. I subed

  5. For the people wondering i am trying to set up a stream but the gameplay is delaying by 10 seconds and that's terrible, i have no clue how to fix it…

  6. Asascha! I have a question 🙂 I am currectly at 4200 and thinking of farming up there, what made you change your mind? lots of dead bases here

  7. Hey Asascha I joined DivineCombine with my mini ?

  8. Another awesome video,your good dude ?

  9. you have new subscriber 🙂

  10. I m in titan league too. and I think I will drop trophies too. but not in masters league, I will stay in champion league 🙂

  11. This is a message for all of you. We are trying to revive Asascha's original clan: Divine Combine. If u dont have a clan or you want to help us, feel free to join! If u need anything, im silverarrow114 in the clan.
    btw keep up that good work rising!

  12. okay tnx

  13. okay that's good can u answer my other quistion

  14. Correct me if im wrong but i think Crystal League 1 has loads of dead bases!!

  15. Looking foward to the Live Stream!!

  16. idk what to comment !?!? LOL XD

  17. bronze there is so much loot abd silver3 I'm in gold1

  18. can 123blast coolnerfboy have a shoutout

  19. Yes, i did just drop all these trophies lol but i honestly think this is a wise choice to be able to farm in a much faster way, let me know what you thought about this 🙂

  20. sub to me 1000000 subs no videos

  21. first