Clash of Clans “102 Valkyries” Attack Strategy – When Valkyries Invade!

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  1. Clash of Clans “102 Valkyries” Attack Strategy – Fail or Win When Valkyries
    Invade? #clashofclans @ClashofClans

  2. All hogs is it possible?

  3. Peter should try all healers if he thinks he can do it

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  5. Why don’t high level players use heal, it would have been awesome to use
    when the valkyries are taking splash damage.

  6. I’m upgrading my Townhall to lvl 0, takes 0 days ʕ ಡ ﹏ ಡ ʔ so long!

  7. Peter’s right, all Goblins!


  9. Im a new subscriber yay

  10. The COC youtuber Wiggy (he had 150k subs) Is closed beacuse his Townhall 11
    update! In that video he is telling us what he think the new th 11 update
    gonna have in it!

  11. On animal planet, you can see and observe the wild Peter17$ in its natural
    habitat doing the signature call “Gallydon! Gallydon! Gallydon!”

  12. Try quatro Gowipe 

  13. Is Peter 17? His brother

  14. Snoppen, great village name!! 

  15. No lava hounds aw man yea do all goblins no queen healer there’s an idea
    hey make peter do that 

  16. Please do a lava hound healer golden darn around correct raid sorry can’t
    fix golden

  17. nice i play clash of clans its the best game ever this is my sisters
    brother i wish i could play clash of clans with you what clan are u in?

  18. ╠╬╬
    ╠╬╬╬╣OK! WHO ATE MY


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    #22L9LVC9 ωє нανє вα¢σи! 

  20. Do all goblins with 5 jump spells you will surprise your self

  21. you should do all lava hounds and some minons.

  22. Since im a th8 i use 1healer 2dragons 10giants 20 or 21 wizards then if i
    have enough some barbarians and archers and i use 2 or 3 valkries.valkries
    r my favorite one in the game 

  23. Hi Galadon! I’m TH8 in CoC and my screen name is KING COLOSSUS. Do you
    think having builders team up on the same project to save time (in a future
    update) is a good idea? Because I do.

  24. All Hog Riders.

    Did someone say HOGGGG RIDEEERR?!?!

  25. 3000 peekas