Clash Of Clans – 14,000 Gems Upgrading To Town Hall 8! – 50,000 Subscriber Special!

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  1. SUPER DUPER HAPPY NEW YEAR =D New Years Resolution…. 1 video every other
    day in January =D What are your resolutions? <3

  2. And where’s the fun of CoC, Char? The fun of CoC is farming ressources and
    create the own base… that’s nooby 

  3. tisk tisk, should have gotten that last builder. terrible waste of gems,
    noobie :-(

  4. Why am i the only one who thinks skeleton traps are crap?

  5. Happy new year guys!! I am now 10 years old and i like your video
    masterchar and i will leave a thumbs up and subscibe!

  6. Where to get free gems

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  8. MasterChar
    MasterChar has 10 letters.
    I am 10.
    10 + 10 = 20
    Illuminati has 1 eye.
    20 + 1 = 21
    9 + 10 is also 21.
    Crack kid is very popular.
    Crack has 5 letters.
    21 + 5 = 26
    My sister is 25.
    26 – 25 = 1
    Illuminati has 1 eye.

    MasterChar = Illuminati Confirmed.

    Guys!!!! She is illuminati!!!!
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  9. How did you get so many gems??

  10. master ov u can’t teach bec u don’t konw that thing is seeking air mine

  11. Accent is hard to listen to.

  12. Im fine with four, she’s fine with four she’s fine with four, im fine with
    four. xD

  13. what is your clan name i wanna join my name Dragon Master on clash of clans

  14. She’s so hot and I love her accent ??? sorry Ov

  15. Ov says just play wit it ?

  16. He seems somewhat annoyed of her.

  17. Can I be in your clan plz

  18. Like if your watching when she has 70k or more subs


  19. Her barbarian king and tesla were not max :(

  20. Somebody tell me plz

  21. Is it really that fun to gem? Also you didn’t max out anything. It’s either
    gemming or bad attacks.

  22. You forgot to bye the second dark elixir drill!!

  23. “My gems are going down, what if they went up?”- them ???

  24. Nice Video