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  1. You’re becoming one of those YouTubers Cam… I’m sad to see you go 🙁 Now
    you’re becoming like molt, nickatnyte, all the heavy hitters in CoC and
    getting these Appnana or Free my apps sponsorships… I was hoping you
    would never go this way on YouTube, but I wish you luck in the future, it’s
    your path :)

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  3. WOAH!!! IM ON THE TOP 10 btw keep makin the awesome videos cam! :D

  4. Good video cam . How i came in BabariaNParty ?

  5. Im german can i have a german card 

  6. Clash of clans gem hack plc get me some gems my username is nightjake89

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  8. can I have it

  9. Once upon a time in my room, I was playing Clash of Clans. I was 7 years
    old. I was raiding a scrub who had rushed town halls. I laughed as I took
    his precious loot. I realized that I raided MasterOv. Then MasterOv
    appeared in my room and took all of my gems. I was sad. Very sad. I was
    crying in the corner of my room, staring with tear-filled eyes at my 0
    gems. I looked at Cam’s YouTube channel. I clicked on his videos and I
    laughed even through the pain of having my beautiful gems taken from me.
    Then I saw his push to master league series. Then his troll series. Then
    his whole channel had been watched. I subbed after the first video I
    watched. I showed all my friends in my neighborhood and they loved him.
    Then I went back home. I went on Clash of Clans and I saw I had 50,000
    gems. I looked at my Christmas tree and said, “Thank you, Cam.” And I
    looked out my window to see Cam’s sleigh flying away from my house.

  10. Cam ur so cool when u give back

  11. I’m 8

  12. I don’t think I’ve been subed too long, but your by far my favorite CoC

  13. Please add 50 000 gems to my account.

    Village name :Man’sThe2nd
    Clan tag : #9GY8VCLQ

  14. You are the Best youtuber for coc ive ever seen and anybody who says your
    not in insane

  15. Freezing awesome man. Love your vids so far at least. Keep them coming

  16. Baaaad vids man.keep up the good work

  17. Can u do it to me I need it bad

    life on here

  19. Can i get some gems please

  20. Cam u the best keep it up ur nota bad attacking be the best and be aswome 

  21. Plz I need these gems

  22. cam your videos are awesome. how do i get on that list !!!!!!!!!!

  23. I need gems today