Clash of Clans | 17 Valkyries Smash Another Th9 | Mass Valkyrie Attack

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  1. aq walk govaho works much better for me even single hero

  2. I say this kind of attack is a bit lousy am not talking about the troops composition lol

  3. this attack wont work on max th9 def and walls. aq walk still the best even without bk

  4. wow I'll definitely try this! if supercell nerfs valks I'm gonna quit.

  5. when i watch your valk atk vid yesterday, i tried it on a max th9 defense southern teaser base style, and it work perfectly. valk OP .! tanks for the vid i owe you!

  6. Thanks so much gadi I just three stared a max th9 with level 20 heroes and level 9 walls!!

  7. Hi, in my opinion you should give faint music in the background and talk with more enthusiasm!! Regards.

  8. It's the war right now so would be good to check it asap

  9. we had a th10 3 star in war with valks idk if u wanted to see it

  10. max valks are gross

  11. gadi hh – молодец!,мы с друзьями тоже тебя смотрим!хорошо объясняешь и толкова рассуждаешь!!! хорошо рассказываешь стратегию боя!!! так держать!!! удачи тебе в твоём канале на ютубе и счастья в жизни!!!))))

  12. The deployment in the beginning was pretty off lol goes to show how op valks are now

  13. Extra 30 sec made a big revolution in valk raids… Increasing time made valks more reliable and good for atks as Most people before update thinks valks are waste and useless…. Valks are beast now?????

  14. thx for recording my attack bud

  15. valks????

  16. and first like

  17. First view and first comment