Clash of Clans 1st LEGEND LEAGUE PLAYER| Legendary League World Record 5000 Trophies

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  1. Thx for the shout out :D

  2. You r not the first YouTuber that show us that

  3. Push for it


  4. Havoc was before you aswell you were not first 

  5. turn down the intro… it is so much louder than the rest of the video

  6. What was the point of the 50% lol

  7. You are not the first person Galadon is he posted a video 1 hour ago

  8. There are some other Yters that have done a vid like this before. This one is 39 min that its up when the other vids where already there for over an hour

  9. Galadon beat you.

  10. Is king the only person who runs this channel anymore?

  11. 11th comment

  12. You're Not The First Unlucky though and good upload!

  13. Nice video but you're not the first youtuber to show us lol. there has been 2 or 3 to show us already that's how I know

  14. Lmao  you're not "the first youtuber to make a video on it". That honor goes to Galadon..smh

  15. um king i think galadon posted a vid about this before ya

  16. Frist

  17. First

  18. WORLD RECORD First person ever to hit 5k ! Legendary league reached!