Clash of Clans 300 Troop ♦ FASTEST 3-Star Ever! ♦ CoC ♦

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  1. apk link?

  2. use 300 lightning spells to take out a base

  3. Heroes next?

  4. Can You do all wizards

  5. #300

  6. 300 hogs

  7. Do 300 earthquakes

  8. 1:47 a balloon parade !

  9. You should use lighting spells to take out an entire base

  10. How
    Do u do that 300 thing?
    I really want to do somthing

  11. xmod or private server

  12. how many lightning spells take down a town hall??? Do it Galadon!!!

  13. 24 seconds? I'm sure I can do that faster! xD

  14. Link dowlond game plis 

  15. 4:!9 galadon edits it and writes  "OPEN UP THOSE WALLS FOR THE MINIONS" -GALADON 2016 lol

  16. Galadon I said Gowipe

  17. If anyone wants to sub to me I will sub back to them

  18. You should do lvl 1 troops vs maxed bases 300 of them like if agree

  19. The only time you'll see witches get a 3 star now… lol

  20. LVL1

  21. 300 witches?

  22. lmao ?

  23. Im definitely gonna try the first attack in war

  24. Like if clash royale is better

  25. let's make this comment a comment

  26. No offense, but what is the point of these 300 troop videos? I'd prefer to see attack strategies that I can actually duplicate.

  27. Why does Galadon keep putting gullible in the description?

  28. Do 300 witches

  29. How can you get three hundred troops for every troop is it a glitch

  30. king

  31. Sub to me and say "done" and I'll sub back with 15 active accounts!!!

  32. it would be good if they added a developer account style game (single player mode) that you can unlock if you beat all the single player maps. it would be fun to mess about on a developer account

  33. And this is why coc is dying. Devs doing shit

  34. The intro is like "WOOF"

  35. Anyone who sbscribes to me I'll sbscribe back with 16 accounts.

    Comment done

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  37. It's funny cause townhall 11's are actually getting taken down this fast with the new valks

  38. Damn galadon back at it with the 300 troop raid

  39. screw clash

  40. Why is the pic witches? If you didn't even try 300 witches?

  41. Wow what a good strategie it works ??? thanks

  42. Omg he did my valkyrie suggestion

  43. Do giants plz

  44. hi galadon, can you try destroying all of the air defenses with lightning and send in the queen along with a bunch of healers? I would like to see if the queen can destroy a base by herself.

  45. Love your videos and streams

  46. 300 nax giants plz

  47. говно хаха зачем снимаеш чмо??? еще снимеш позову кто зоздал ютюб

  48. Upgrade spells?

  49. Opening these walls for the minions-Galadon 2016