Clash of Clans 3D | 3D BASE DESIGN CONTEST | Tweet Me Your Best 3D Base

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  1. Leave your series suggestions here :)

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  4. Hey Cam! Awesome video bro!! Finally, got to comment first! :D

  5. do i have to be drunk to get the joke of this base or what cuz im not
    getting it

  6. Please tell me that you are not gonna rush and that you are gonna get your
    walls to lvl8 ?

  7. Yo cam, check out my instagram page for my 3d bade design. It’s

  8. Do a revenge series so when someone attacks you, you ATTACK them with the
    same troops and spells and try to get a higher percentage than them 

  9. Whats the track you use for base designs? I swear ive looked everywhere and
    cant get any results :(

  10. Don’t see how this is 3D tbh

  11. check out my 3 D base design at The Divergent 2
    About 15,000 trophies and blue emblem with yellow flame, please visit and
    check it out! Name is hustean lvl 88 th 8 in gold III

  12. Cam u need a boom beach series.

  13. I would like to see some town hall 8 videos with Valkryie’s because they
    are under used.

  14. What is ur clan name


  16. They hate us cause they anus

  17. Cam, please make a new series that you have to make a new account and try
    to get to crystal league on town hall 5. You don’t have to do this but you
    can. Also if you reply to this, then you would of made my day. (I’m in a
    bad mood today…)

  18. U copied masterov

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  21. First song name? Start 0:30

  22. Like this comment if u wanna see cam do a series about his th8 account
    pushing to champion league!!! PLZ and thx

  23. Try to go to champ in th 8 like u did go to master on th 7. Like if u

  24. #Cam, Play on your second villiage. (7th)

  25. N1 bro :)