Clash of Clans “4400 Club” Elite Attacks from Top Players!

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  1. Change the title of this video to “The XMod Club”

  2. lel you have 559.000 subs :p

  3. How to start a war:
    1. Write a comment on YouTube
    2. Wait

  4. I am a TH 8 and I remember when I started playing the game there were two
    people changing between No.1 and 2 positions for a lot of time and they had
    4400 to 4600 cups I remember they were CLAYTON and MOHAMED MAHER. 

  5. “And if course attacking is only a portion of what gets a player to 4400”.

    Yeah, because most of it is cheating. Welcome to the xMod club!

  6. How does somebody get to 4400 trophies and beyond. I don’t know they might
    play clash of clans its just a guess

  7. We all know Lost Pheonix uses mods to have unlimited shields to not lose

  8. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m the 301st viewer
    And so are you…

    You might not be so don’t comment saying that

  9. Is Peter17$ your son?

  10. Anyone who uses mods, anyone who cheats in Clanwars gets zero respect from
    me.Nuff said mates, clash on Galadon

  11. Clash of Clans “4400 Club” Elite Attacks from Top…:

  12. Im a lil confused, are peter and galadon the same people? I feel they are

  13. only mod i’m interested in is the one that lets you stay online for 6hours
    without touching screen, because i hate getting kicked while waiting for
    army to train up, i really think the 5 minute kick rule for being inactive
    shouldnt apply now that there is 6hour force kick.

  14. What are the mods called and how can i get them 

  15. So many people complaining about how people use xmod…

  16. nice video Galadon! 

  17. Hey galadon nice video, and i was thinking..
    I have an idea for the next update
    Laportory speed boost !
    how it works ?
    lets say lvl 3 pekka take 12days to finish upgrade
    U only spend the 1/4 od days traning
    = 12÷4=3
    Then add one zero = 30 gems!
    so you only spend 30 gems and the pekka will finisg the upgrade two times
    i hope u like my idea and make video about it so supercell can watch the
    video and maybe my idea will be in the game in the next update :)

  18. Hey what is this verification code?
    Should i give my phone number?
    Pls tell me Galadon!!
    Tell me what i should write in that box!!?

  19. You should do livestreams sharing Lost Phoenix’s replays! High level
    gameplay is always great to watch, btw, amazing video as always :)

  20. Xmoding

  21. Hey Galadon, your clan Lost Phoenix matched up against LP6 Pegasus. I’m in
    LP6 Pegasus. Lol, do you want to stop by and say hi to LP6 Pegasus? I’m
    unfortunately not in the war, but so far it is a great war, we’re winning
    but it’ll be close in the end! Good luck to you guys! And always FULL

  22. some people have 4900 trophees

  23. “How do people get to 44 000 and beyond?” Me: Have no life and lots of
    money to buy gems.

  24. sorry i’m not a girl i’m a boy this is my sis’s gmail can you join my clan?
    (my clan is x942 if you see two clans click the the top clan i know its an
    invite clan but ill let you in clash of clans attacks plzs join