Clash of Clans | 45 DEFENSES WON IN CHAMPION LEAGUE | Epic TH 10 Trophy Base

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  1. Champion 1 hype?? :D

  2. Awesome vid Cam! Keep up the great work and ignore the haters! You’ve
    always been my favorite clash you tuber because your funny amazing at the
    game and interesting!

  3. Cam, you will start seeing whales when above 3700. I once found a titan2
    player while i was at 3791 (champ2) it was 59 cups unfortunately i had to
    skip it bc i was waiting on my army and looking for snipes… i was about
    to fucking scream

  4. I hope my base can keep getting wins now that we are getting higher up haha

  5. Cam! Cam! Cam! Did u hear about the clash of clans hacker?!

  6. That guy you defended against was so bad it almost looked like he was a
    script bot.

  7. what do you feel about dolphins? i perseonally am a dolphin

  8. It’s easier to get to the center because with farming bases you protect
    storages, unlike pushing bases, so the core is not hard to get to

  9. Dear JB haters,

    JB saved my life.

    I was in a 6 month coma because of a terrible car accident.

    When I was at the hospital the nurse turned on the radio and a JB song was

    I got up and turned it off

  10. Why the hell was that 2nd guy you attacked farming? He was maxed!

  11. Things about you.

    1. You are reading this

    2. You are human

    4. You are watching youtube

    5. You didn’t know that I skipped 3

    6. You like clash of clans

    7. You are human

    8. You didn’t notice I said you are human twice

    9. You realized this is more than 5 things about you :P

  12. The clip in the intro perfectly explains my reaction to when I try to snipe
    and 4 teslas pop up.

  13. cam when are u gonna open up party and how many trophies and war stars will
    i need

  14. cant wait for the apartment tour!!!

  15. Lmao the intro

  16. Hey Cam, would I be allowed in your clan? I am a Max TH8 except for walls
    and my name is Stormz. Could you reply back if you would let me in?

  17. Best into ever ?

  18. Cam your intros just keep getting better and better xD

  19. You inspired me to make a channel. Everyone please check it out!

  20. how do you record your screen? do you use elgato?

  21. Question: Wouldn’t most all of the clash youtubers be sell outs in a way.
    Considering they all are sponsored by cash for apps. And quite frankly
    everyone says and exaggerates that it takes 20 or 30 minutes to get a gift
    card when in reality it takes days. And once you get your first gift card
    it takes weeks for fresh apps to come out to get new credits. No one would
    want that kind of service but youtubers still promote the app for gems for
    their selfs when it doesn’t serve the community at all. Hence the fact that
    most of these guys are sell outs. Anyone agree?

  22. That intro haha lol

  23. Your intros are fucking godlike xDDD, this one I peed a little…. But keep
    up the good work I look forward to your videos everyday. Everytime I get on
    YouTube I look for your video. Thanks for being awesome man!

  24. Whens the bext purge dont have twitter

  25. About being early…