Clash of Clans – 48 Max Level Miners Completely Destroys Townhall 11 with Gameplay!!!

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  1. عرررب✌

  2. Brandon please low tour clan trophies to 1800 plz

  3. Brandon,Can I ask you a question, you chinese?


  5. Your accent almost sounds like a mix between Singapore/somewhere in Asia and Jamaican. It's very interesting

  6. keep up your videos good luck out of the netherlands

  7. Hey Bradon i just wanted to say i love your vids bro! When u upload a vid im getting so happy! I have been whatching u sinse lvl 300 i still love your vids! You maked me wanna play clash more! CLASH ON! Meow

  8. Brandon u can't say "My opinion on the clone spell right now is not good" other than that good English!

  9. Are they faster than in the sneak peeks

  10. Can't wait for streams! And you should turn music volume up a liiitttlllee bit. Would sound better meow ?

  11. never lose a raid again

    cuz balance

  12. The miner is gonna get nerfed by making them go for resources first.

  13. I love the facecam

  14. it was just awesome vid keep it up ??

  15. Can you try Miner with barch! Seems like a winning combination to me!

  16. a coc Player is lvl 347

  17. do mini dragon pls

  18. How do you do the four fingers strategy, Cus when I do it I always close the app, it's so annoying

  19. The miner is better in CR do you have one in CR Brandon ??

  20. Did you see the glitch with the troops ?

  21. wow brandon you are awesom