Clash Of Clans | 5 GOLEM Clan War | Clan War with Lunar and Mayhem

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  1. Awesome video!

  2. wow under 301 club for the first time!!!! HOOHOO !!! SO EPIC!! 50TH VIEWER!

  3. Decent quality THANK YOU!

  4. great attacks with ur th10! But i will pretend the th9 attack wasnt in the

  5. Awesome video man also more sidekick 

  6. Daddy you should do the ‘Clash Timeline’ for 250k Subs dude. Would be
    awesome to see <3 keep it up, that gameplay was usefull!!!

  7. nice intro dadddy who made it ?

  8. 2:58 he would have done himself more good dropping a balloon or two to tank
    for a few :-)

  9. Your not very proficient at 3 starring, perhaps if did goho or gowiwi for
    th 9 you would be 3 stars. Videos on that would be interesting

  10. Wow, I cant believe my clan with only 21 members became lvl 2 at the same
    time as lunar rising xD
    Great video Daddy ;)

  11. Good video love the face palm moment ?????

  12. OMGG!! im Right there!! I’M FELON……

  13. daddy i dnt wna dissapoint u mate
    bt i think the old intro is better ty and its jst a suggesion pls dnt b mad

  14. Daddy how are recording clash

  15. First aha

  16. I was in mayhem but they told me to leave since i wasn’t 18, i hate that

  17. Hahahahaha tbat face palm moment sooooo funny….
    We all like this moments XD

  18. Daddy is using dank memes and Reggae music. Is it a midlife crisis? Maybe
    he’s born with it!

  19. Sub 301 views. Keep up the great videos daddy!

  20. Great videos daddy, love them and keep it UP! 

  21. Awesome new intro!

  22. Daddy can i join ur clan im in th9 in crystal 2 ?? lower ur trophies to
    2300 so i could join it yeahh

  23. hello

  24. Im guessing im first?