Clash of Clans – 59 Trophies in a 3 Star Attack! Trolling With Peter17$

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  1. I love how galadon doesn’t know you cant heal troops while being targeted
    by infernos

  2. Gallydon making some $$$$$ with 2 channels

  3. Peter is galadon with an English accent

  4. At 2:23 Wallbraker out the clan castle

  5. I think supercell should create a flying hero

  6. am i the only one that thinks gallydon and peter and the same people? :P

  7. Why does peter talk like a retard?

  8. I love your videos, they are AWESOME! You deserve 17 million subs

  9. Ok Galadon, you need to tell Peter to do a face reveal…

  10. Did Peter say he like older women?

  11. Big fans of yours please reply to my question that how long you are playing
    coc and how many accounts do you have

  12. Can you also get 69 thropies?

  13. If you’re reading this you’re not Floyd Mayweather

  14. Heal spell doesn’t work while units are being attacked by Inferno, right ?
    If so why drop a heal spell in the 1st Balloon attack ?

  15. I kind of believe Galadon when he says he is not Peter17$ mainly because
    they use such different attack strategies 

  16. Nice ;D

  17. Galadon my clan name is nz name is Phoenix Wong 

  18. nice, if you german and you know it clap your hands 😀 and then visit ma
    fuckin channel :DD

  19. How to know whether it’s single or multi target inferno b4 attacking ? 

  20. Check my channel got 59 trophies in a revenge

  21. Like if you saw the wallbreaker in the clan castle :)

  22. my clan is BOSS LAND!!! and my username is willemiscool99

  23. 2 starring th10s for a th9 crazy

  24. The non-revenge record(I think)is 57 available trophies and -1 for a defeat
    by Witelightning A.K.A Mystcl, and he got a one star, sadly, so he only got
    19 :/