Clash Of Clans – 8TH PERK PUSHIN’!! (finally)

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  1. I'm Russian mafioso.If you don't like this comment, I kill you.

  2. i got now dark elixer barrack

  3. Your channel is dropping rapidly

  4. You have so many inactive subs

  5. You don't show us your attacks because You're noob or …..?

  6. How does clash of clans have 3 million daily users when there's only 700,000 people in the world?

  7. We're near tied to you. We're 4000 clan XP from 8th perk ( clan is OzFire if you think I'm lying )


  9. Why is in the clan chat the leauge emblems with this fat white stripes ? How can i do zhat ?

  10. DAT SONIC TRACK <333 Love it!

  11. my clan was 8th perk pushing a long time ago we almost there

  12. is LeoPh a Filipino?

  13. yaaay

  14. yes, I love our 8th perk, were almost to perk 9 aswell

  15. Can't wait for sneak peaks! People are saying that they are coming tomorrow

  16. This must have recorded long before the update because I still see those ugly badges

  17. Challenge you to get 4100 troops in Th8 Godson..!!

  18. Yeaaaaaah! Dark Fallout were getting close to lvl 8 as well

  19. My clan is pushing 8th perk

  20. 0:40
    The heck was up with that air mine?