Clash Of Clans | Adding Valkyries to 3 Star Queen Walk (Th9) & Channel Update!

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  1. Great video as always.

  2. ash * tell them….clan ranking should be by war winning…not by trofi

  3. Can u make a th10 Max video with queen Walk?

  4. Fantastic video Tx for this channel underrated but gourgeus infos about th10 Max 3 stars very polite and clean tatics cheers from Brazil subs u

  5. subscribe for subscribe

  6. Hey Ash! Been watching your videos for a long time and have been a huge part of my clans success. We are a mixed TH war clan. 'Beer Ninjas' I try to get any one I can to watch your vids because I think you do a superb job of breaking down the keys to the attack strategies. So I wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work!

  7. Was thinking about quitting clash, but your vids keep me excited about the game. Keep up the vids man!!

  8. These Queen Walks looks fun to watch. Just tried a Queen Walk today for the first time (lvl 12 Archer Queen) and I 2 starred the base( 72%) just a minute ago. Can't wait to get my queen to lvl 15 and as always keep up the good work Ash!

  9. I always admired each video that you publish, do not ever get tired of sharing the tips and tricks for your fans, I hope you're getting ahead and forward ash, great job execelent two thumbs up for ash ??

  10. can i join ur clan? almost max th9

  11. Great vid Ash,like kickads I'm in Europe so I can't go:/ I'd love to be there with ya

  12. Id like to see you do a tag team speak with molt !

  13. Great one ash! I love valkiris but i dont know to use them very much… So i love when you do about them and about queen walk as well!

  14. best of the best videos.  Good job ash from DELP (CypriotCLASHers) @delpcoc

  15. Thanks a lot Ash. Waiting ur this war recaps , ur and brandonc attacks and the channel update :D

  16. Great vid Boy ✌️

  17. awsome!!

  18. Awesome video Ash, I'm from England myself and I also can't go to clashcon I'm gutted! It wouldv'e been a great opportunity to meet some great youtubers like yourself! I've also started youtubing about clash of clans myself it would be great if you could check it out :)

  19. all use healer healer healer healer healer healer

  20. Ash.. Please make strategy guide on th8 GoWiVa. :)