Clash Of Clans : ADVANCED LALOON Th9 – Th10 – Th11 [Queen Walk Focus]

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  1. 200 sub.. owh..

  2. Whats up man the channel is good. Awesome that your getting involved with more feed back from the community. If you got time I could use a bit of feed back for growing the channel. Thanks bud

  3. these are all modded attack by players who are no longer in these clans because they were banned! when you see a QW like that after this update, it should be a big red flag to double check the clans and members before posting.

  4. Do a comment question of the day

  5. Finally!

  6. I always thought that the song in ur intro was original, but I heard the intro, and the exact animation on another person's yt page. is that intro. yours personally

  7. nice attack strategy

  8. nice attack strategy

  9. i am a clan's co leader and name hunker

  10. ash please join my clan for 5 war my clan name is pak army and clan level is 10 please join if u don't like my clan so leave please join

  11. beauty….beauty attack!

  12. I actually have been doing this in friendly challenges alot , I figured supercell hasn't done much to hurt air attacks.

  13. What if supercell only banned modders from war. So the cheaters would still spend money on the game


  15. hey guys, check it out.

  16. ash can I join the clan in clash royale I'm a level 9 2700 trophies plz

  17. These attacks were very impressive

  18. th9 please

  19. and what about the burner accounts they have in their clan?

  20. All I see when I visit DeXtroyers is a near empty clan filled with 50% burner accounts. Smells fishy to me, but whatever, the attacks were nice!

  21. 8:58 cool inferno ash 😉 sorry i just had to

  22. im best friend with devjo and lil dev

  23. Queen walk against maxed TH 11 is almost dead, thanks to SuperScumCell. Rather than fixing this game they are destroying it. BTW they are modded attacks. Should have checked out burner accounts in their clan