Clash of Clans | ALL DARK ELIXIR SPELLS | Poison Spell, Earthquake Spell, Haste Spell

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  1. What do you guys think about the new dark elixir spells?

  2. That intro was……

  3. I hope this gets lost in the commentsection, but sometimes I wish that I
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  4. Next one will hopfully be revive spell! ? all dead troops in the range of
    the spell will be reviven as skeletons or skeleton minions depenting on if
    the are a air or ground unit ?

  5. BarbariaNParty VS BarbariaNParade hype!!

  6. Yes! He referenced my comment on the last video! My life is now completed!

  7. Try to spell clashwithcam your eyes closed

    My try: vladheitjvsm wtfff lmaoo

  8. TBH i think that the haste spell has the potential to be very OP. You can
    place 11 of them down at start of a raid to make 2 paths through the base
    then you spawn all your balloons behind and they shall literally shred
    through the base so quick. I guess we will see soon. Who thinks it would be

  9. I think the earthquake damages walls alot

  10. If lightning spells did damage to storages but no loot taken, that still
    wouldn’t be fair. Say I used like 5 lightning spells on a dark storage, it
    would have let’s say 3000 dark left, but the health is low. So you would
    only have to shoot the storage a couple times and get 3000 dark. I think
    SuperCell knows why they did that :)

  11. If you think about it 3 lightning spells are equivalent to 6 earthquake
    spells, so instead of using 3 lightning on an air defense, you could
    earthquake the area the air defense is in and take out more stuff

  12. So fucking excited for the next video about the main vs feeder war. It was
    such a fun war!

  13. Dragons + Haste Spells = ?

  14. Earthquake spell can be helpful when ur so close to get 49% who can agree
    to this


  16. You should to a vid on the worlds fastest troop. Rage+Haste+Goblin=HOLY

  17. You think with 7 Earthquake spells and the rest lightning would take out
    the town Hall??

  18. When is this update coming out

  19. The Earth quake spell is just for let’s say finishing off the town hall

  20. The earthquake spell dose extra damage to walls??

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  22. Earthquake spells are for weakening walls. Let’s say you are go wiping and
    you use a jump to get to the middle, you can drop earthquake spells on the
    other side of the core to soften those walls so your troops can get out of
    the core. That’s what I’m getting from this at least. 


  24. Guys please listen to me and like if you agree. Also, Cam if you’re reading
    this, express your feelings about my points if you can.

    This new update may ruin clash. Example:

    2 air sweepers means no air attacks.

    Because, theres two ways you can set them up, one way you can make one
    north and one south, which allows them to protect 6/8 of the base. The
    other way is to put one protecting the other, to also protect most of the

    But if that doesn’t seem as a good reason, here’s some others

    No air attacks mean ground attacks. So, town halls nines have to use gowipe
    and other ground attacks.

    You can have up to 11 spells and minimum of 6.
    (I know the 11 is de spells but it can start a whole troll chain as said in
    this video.)

    Level 5 dragon will barely do anything, just another stupid thing to use
    elixer on and have as much as a point as a level 7 goblin.

    New leagues.

    This might sound stupid, but new leagues is not needed. Its hard enough to
    push to 4000+ so once you get in a new league, it will be harder for other
    leagues to find raids. So, it will be like the 4500+ trophy clouds all over
    again. Also, the titan league just looks like the gold one, and the
    legendary isn’t too cool either.

    If you agree then like this comment. If not, please tell me below and don’t
    be rude.

    (Edited part)

    The dragon isn’t something that’s game breaking or anything. I just wanted
    to make a point that they aren’t useful because they are very slow and
    don’t have much health.

    Also, this is a conclusion. I think that supercell didn’t attack the air
    sweepers head on because they didn’t want to show the level of
    effectiveness and over powered it may be. Like a said a conclusion.

    Also, Have any of you realized that if the troops right now can take up to
    45 minutes, What about the new troops that may come in this update or later
    on? They might be 1 hour or more!

  25. When is the update coming out?