Clash of Clans “All Witches vs All Dragons” TH11 War Attacks

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  1. Please could you join my clan it is called king awesome with a blue and yellow sheld

  2. How did the earthquakes destroy the walls but not the xbows?

  3. I still don't get why some people put both infernos on single… Can anyone tell me the benefits of doing that? Usually people tell me it's better to put the infernos on multi because on single,the infernos will be distracted on troops like the golems and skeletons,while you troops take it out. On multi, the skeletons will be taken out quiet fast. If your infernos do get focused on a hero, you can freeze it.

  4. hi

  5. I've noticed you ask everyone to like or leave comment on your videos but you never answer questions that your subscribers ask you. I'm sure you are busy, and I know you get a lot of trash but there are some of us that want legitimate questions answered. I enjoy your videos and info you put out with that sometimes we have game questions that we figure you probably know.

  6. that clan from vietnam :))

  7. nick can you please lower the tropies so i can join i have 912

  8. türk varmi

  9. can I join ur clqn

  10. Im dropping a subscribe and a like btw Good video

  11. Hey Nickatnyte Why Kellyp Why Donate Troops Ask Kellyp Said Hey

  12. Can I join I'm silver I quit my th9 so yah

  13. Can I join your clan

  14. lol

  15. I'm a TH 8 and have lvl 2 drags and in war I've been having success with mass dragons and a few balloons and a couple minions to back them up I love your channel and I don't like boom beach so I was hoping you would do more clash of clans videos thanks!☺

  16. The second raid could have gone better if warden was in air he doesn't buff them on ground

  17. I can't find his clan…

  18. Don't know why, but I love he's voice /:

  19. speaking of, wtf ever happened to kelly???

    nick did you chop her up into little pieces and threw her remains into lake michigan like you did with Tatillalishious you and I met at that strip club????

    lol jk.

  20. Nick or anyone,
    Can you use multiple power powders toget longer statue protection, boosting your ice for example?

  21. Nice!

  22. It's true nickyanyte its true the mega crab will RISE this is legit THIS IS LEGIT

  23. If I come live with you can I have a free pass?

  24. 18 seconds in and I am featured! Well u can see me Max0703! SO PUMPED!