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  1. cool but still many questions are to be answered

  2. when is the new update arriving?

  3. I think it would be cool to post a challenge on global not just only in our clan

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  6. When is the next big update?

  7. I hope they make a new type of war stars stat, not fair for folks that had to wait 24hrs prep day

  8. red graduate punishment stuff

  9. I hope these arranged wars aren't paid for by gems. -_-

  10. Feedback blue manage offense

  11. Finally SC is getting it's head out of it's ass.

  12. Common Chat Room!
    I have few suggestions for this feature to be even better…..
    1) No Perks/Loot should be awarded in arranged wars bcuz some clans will keep arranging wars with desired clans again n again to get easy perks.I think arranged wars should be for Glory and there should be a arranged wars won status in clan profile too.
    2) Hereos should be available during upgrade in arranged wars so that we dont have difficulty in war weight matching.
    3) Army cost should be given back to winning clan and not given to losing clan.This will atleast make it a little bit fun to play we will worry about our army cost and actively play the war.
    4) There should be cool down in this feature so that war search pool isnot effected.
    5) A common chat room for matched up clans will be absolutely awesome… hypee

  13. This will eliminate the purpose of these damned engineered bases for matchup purposes. Im stoked

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  16. #wewantJAKEback

  17. Will this bring back Jake?

  18. Will the requesting clan be able to confirm the war after the receiving clan accepts? If not, what stops the receiving clan from accepting with a roster with an unfair weight advantage?

  19. Big Chap, just wanna say that you are an awesome individual. Keep the Faith.

  20. All sounds great….which means when it goes live the fine print will read "Set Duration of Prep/War Day (24 Hour Increments Only)"…son of a…

  21. Something interesting I think would be to see within these arranged wars is actually specific combat scenarios. E.g : only barch troops with no heals, or all minion etc.

  22. I have waiting a long time for ARRANGED WAR

  23. This may be cool for you and WHF, but for an average clan like mine, who don't really know other clans, this is not as big a deal as you make out. And I bet there will be little if any war bonus loot or perks available. If so, this is a waste of time. Give us more loot for regular wars, and #GIVEUSTOURNAMENTWARS.

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  25. I'd like to see war weight in your profile. Since we don't know SC's exact formula for this. That would solve any roster balancing issues

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  27. prep day is so long and a waste of time now because you cannot scout for the enemy war base anymore its being revealed during war day.

  28. you should be able to have clan wars within your clan

  29. Household additional offer king moment

  30. Could be a great recruitment tool as well. Create a clan for people to try out for a spot in the big leagues. Top attackers (stars, style of attack, precision of deploying, etc..) get an invite to join WHF or what ever clan is holding the auditions. Or do it draft style. Multiple top war clans can take turns and draft players from the "tryout" clan.

  31. If they're this amazing, I'm fine with them cancelling ClashCon if that means they're going to give us an epic update!

  32. wish my clan would get that memo that u have to give challenges to receive them

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  34. I think this will be a great feature. But I wonder what it means for smaller clans, like mine, that don't know other clans. Will we be stuck with the current war match-making system, and continue to be matched against engineered clans?