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  1. be great if we can do this during a normal war prep day. then we will have it to do on non war days.

  2. My only suggestion is that friendly clan wars should be available during an ongoing can war..maybe separate war log tabs for normal and friendly wars ..this will prevent normal wars from being so called nerfed by long war searches and subsequently mismatches

  3. Will the wars do anything to clan war stats or add clan xp or wins?

  4. "Friendly Wars" brings two thoughts to me:
    1) Will heroes be available offensively, defensively, or not at all? Having sleeping or upgrading heroes makes FC fairly worthless as is.
    2) Will we be able to designate different CCs? Having an offensive and defensive CC would make FC and now FW go much smoother, particularly for smaller clans or clans who have members that can't be on for donations all the time.
    3) Friendly Challenge offers no xp or loot, but also doesn't use up your troops. Will FW be the same? A war army is expensive and not many clans will go to those lengths for all spend, no reward. If the army is still usable, it allows quick FW with small tweaks to the army and you still get to go raiding afterwards!

    Let me know if I'm way off-base here…

  5. if they make it for fun it will waste alot of loot for junk but for loot would cause alot of problems

  6. if this game had that a long time ago it would of been lit now sadly its late

  7. It's about damn time

  8. why not a war tournament? why not a massive bonus or gem reward at the end of a certain war streak ?! say 10 wins in a row!!

    this feature is a waste of time if u are not getting loot,bonus,or any type of reward in return.

  9. Thank u ASH for always bringing us awesome content pertaining to COC keep up the great work!!! I feel this is a great idea and a step forward for COC. I am the leader of the clan and it has been hard keeping everyone engaged for wars. My clan has been down and practically dead for about 3 months now so any kind of life they can give us is welcomed. My current lvl is a mid TH9 account

  10. All you tubers will get there clans spammed! Including you Ash??

  11. Sounds great, but I think the biggest questions are:
    1.) Yes we will need the indicator, because otherwise we still have to do the ugly speadsheet work, but in additional spend 3 hours arguing if the matchup is really fair. I only doubt, that the matchmaking algorithm is so easy you can generate one number out of your whole clan. The matchmaking algorithm tries to match clans with equal structure, so a clan with only th9s will not face mixed th8-th10 clan.

    2.) If it is a friendly challenge with no loot, no clan XP, I doubt it will be very fun for average clans, if they need to build their armies with real ressources. Yes troops are not gone in friendly challenges, but if you have to build a specific army with 5K de, add cc troops and spells only for 1 fight and dump it a farming attack afterwards where you get 2K de back or maybe nothing if you are pushing and cant use a govaho against th10s in champion. They need to change friendly challenges and clan challenges so you can choose your troops without build time for free.

    3.) If you cant have a real war and clan challenge at the same time, does this mean you will have to choose between leveling up your clan oder doing clan challenges? If they dont count wins and dont update the log, they should at least give clan xp. Yes you can exploit it but you can do farm wars as well. Getting 1 star on every base is not that hard.

  12. Cool but my clan isn't apart of a clan family

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  14. so now there will be tons of lvl 11 clans. clan challenge aka clan boosting!!!!

  15. Loot should be available for wars with the standard time (full prep day and battle day).

  16. Awesome video ash!

  17. easy weight matching would be great but otherwise sounds perfect

  18. Teacher by belief financial.

  19. Most clans will use this feature for REMATCHES of closely won/lost
    matchmade games. Ulgh! The matchmaking will go from bad to broken.
    Increasing wait times and decreasing matchup quality. But congrats
    YOUTUBERS….you get your wish. It's now easier to challenge other YOUTUBERS.

  20. First of all, upgrading heros will never be available in war. Never… that would cut into SC's cash flow. Second, I agree being able to have a war within your clan would be fun and an interesting add-on feature that would bring players back (at least for a while). But arranged wars with another clan without getting war bonus loot and clan perks? Hell no, waste of time. Ash, most clans out there are not like WHF or OneHive who are die-hard, war fanatics. Most clans just want to have fun clashing and warring and getting extra loot and perks. SC needs to increase war bonus loot. They also need to have a tournament feature. Tournaments with multiple clans (e.g. 4×4, 8×8, etc) would be much more interesting than arranged wars for average CoC players.

  21. Why the hell give SC 'props' ash? They have screwed up so many things and for so long and then they do 'One' thing u like and u give them props? Screw that. They suck. Ps. Love your vids

  22. The dev team is dumb. Durp

  23. What about where this clan challenge will go after it is done? My idea is that either A) it goes in war long like a normal war or B) their is a separate log for clan challenges and doesn't affect war wins or war streak. Just a interesting idea thanks Ash you rock

  24. The thing is, everyone will be doing this which will make normal war search time very long and there will be more mismatches in normal wars.

  25. sounds fun…… interested to see what everyone else thinks.

  26. I'd like to know how many players of your clan you have to select at least.

  27. will this count towards you war wins?

  28. Hey Ash … I was wondering if they can put a troop call cyclops ……….

  29. #Bringbackjake

  30. I am excited bit kinfa bumed out no other new "content" announcement for TH10 like maybe ground warden up to lvl 10 in TH10 i am taking as a farmer prespective i am still interested in wars doe but there are alot of people whl arsnt max like all the youtubers

  31. i will love this update

  32. Barb King roar when it's setup would be cool

  33. it's great update ..but how can we challenge oppose clan ?

  34. I think you should win the same amount of loot that you spend on your armies. I hope Supercell knows how much I love them right now lol

  35. I'm so excited!

  36. I'm excited for this

  37. Hii #clash_with_ash i have an idea for clash royale if we can get tokens in chests and we can host tourney with that tokens i think that will be great

  38. i think what they should do is let the two clans talk to each other while prep day thats my opinion

  39. Don't forget a surrender option.

  40. Didn't Jonas say in the Chief Pat interview last year that arranged wars would be too hard and if it was to be added it would come along with tournaments? Something else coming?