Clash of Clans | ATTACKING BLIND!! | Hilariously Funny Fails (Worst Idea for CoC EVER!)

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  1. If you think I look high it’s because I am partially Asian haha I have
    never smoked once ever!! 

  2. We have the same hairstyle cam!!!!?

  3. You know your base sucks when someone wins when blindfolded

  4. Who liked the Cam face cam? haha

  5. clash with cam u r awesome it would make my day if you reply cause i am in
    a bad mood taoday beacause my friend smashed my phone when i was maxed t h
    10 and it did not save plus its my bday u r the best cam

  6. 1:50 dude stop stopping photosynthesis its a natural process that should
    take place

  7. For those of you wondering the outcome of last war, the final score was
    102-105. Not as cool of an ending as I thought it would be. Their top
    player never attacked me and instead went for TH 8s :(

  8. Do More Face Cam! 

  9. Your face doesn’t match your voice /: 

  10. 0:16… Cock here? What?

  11. Aaayyyy ur hot ;)

  12. What is special about 69?

  13. cam..??????? what happened in the war from ur last video? did u guys

  14. a cock and a blind fold sounds like a good time to me

  15. I feel like he didn’t even put on a blindfold, it looks so shaky and pretty
    unrealistic if you have a good eye

  16. gowipe somebodies ass? XD

  17. what dose the 69 mean?

  18. cam what is on 69?

  19. You’re technically not blind 

  20. I’ve got my cock here, and I’ve got my blindfold here

  21. Lets be honest, you wouldve done worse on that first attack if you werent

  22. your face resembles limitlessEXP

  23. “I got my cock here and my blindfold and we’re gonna try and attack
    someone” IM DYING

  24. Sorry I dont get what is so important about 69 plz tell me?

  25. Funny challenge video, you get your grandma/grandpa to attack for you and
    you can’t help them? like if you agree!?