Clash of Clans ATTACKING the NEW UPDATE! Q&A

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  1. This is an awesome channel!!! Everything is explained very well.

  2. Yes plz face reveal

  3. Heather gets a hold of things quick and does it well. I wonder how she did in school/she does in school.

  4. Why do I have a feeling like SC is trying hard to get players stick to the game.. ?

  5. what are engineered bases?

  6. thanks but can you do a face cam video when the update officially launches

  7. i love you……..r videos!!!!!

  8. I'd space out all my bombs and use a centralized queen so 5 bomb spots

  9. when is the update launching ?

  10. nice content, you really have the insight of how the syetem works. loved the video
    lots of love

  11. Your our new jake from onehive ??

  12. Heather ive been noticing, u love music right? Making clans like cheapthrills and katyperry. ?

  13. Ah! Love this intro 😀 ?

  14. Old intro nice!

  15. hey what happened to the new intro?? :3

  16. I had a Good Friend named Heather and I wanna know if it's you … Have you ever joined a clan Named Armor Boyz ?


  18. How to use developer build like this???

  19. the 9.5 ths will be affected in balance after the update???

  20. respond plz

  21. you were in my clan I think. .. do you know Hez (me)

  22. hello heathe r im a youtuber can u shout out my channel come n subscribe to my gaming youtube channel

  23. you so.. sweet!!???

  24. Lol that lvl 40 king on that th8 base

  25. expect bomber tower. Anything for TH 8

  26. Nice video Heather

  27. 11th October i think