Clash of Clans Attacks – Guest Starring DubWarGaming!

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  1. Clash of Clans Attacks Guest Starring DubWarGaming! #ClashofClans

  2. Galadon does Peter17$ do streams too?

  3. Hey man awesome video! I am a level 75 townhall 8 and I was hoping I could
    try and join you clan :)? If so what is the clan number :)???

  4. you should have more subs than PlayClashOfClans because you post more and
    you actually interact with your fans. Keep up the awesome work :)

  5. Masz 70+ lvl, maxujesz wszystko przed updatem TH, jesteś ambitny i chcesz
    wspierać Polskę w COC? Zapraszamy do klanu ‘Reprezentacja’

  6. Galadon why not zero to hero ONLY using heroes? Plz reply yes or no and if
    u think this is a good idea like this comment

  7. What’s the best army composition for a all the way possible th 7. But new
    th 8!!!

  8. Can you just truthfully tell us already if you are peter17$? It’s like you
    are lying to us….

  9. I made a th 7 gaoa trap :D

  10. Can I participate that too?
    And how they attacked from your account? 

  11. 4th person to comment

  12. Sweet vid Galadon, and cool attack DubWarGaming very original. But can you
    feature Clash With Cam and his amazing attacks! Plz thanks and keep up the
    good work?

  13. Who wants to make a clan with me ima call it UNDEAD WHALES

  14. Mr. Galadon, how did you get your heroes to lvl 40? Did you gem them? 

  15. Guys at 0:50 he sounds like peter saying right away. Lol

  16. when i saw Ryan, i though it was BJcanDive :)) 

  17. I’m getting quite interested in superdragoon, can’t wait to use it myself,
    that is when I get level 9 barracks, and townhall 8 :)

  18. 1st?

  19. That’s Dub’s “WiGoVaPe”! ;)

  20. Excited for more! Also, will all Youtubers from Helsinki be in the series? 

  21. Lol am I the only one who heard peter17$ at the end

  22. I’m gonna have to try and start catching these streams for sure

  23. I from finland :)

  24. can i maby hehe ;)

  25. Great Video you inspire me to keep doing youtube