Clash of Clans – Baby Dragon & Miner COMBO! New Update Troops

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  1. seeing as walls are being made more and more pointless then the price HAS to come down

  2. Sargon ease with baby dragon

  3. inside of has to stop

  4. Whats the difference between the upgraded spring trap and a normal spring trap

  5. but guys it's hard to defend with miners coming in

  6. why did the first battle have the amount of spectators watching? It wasn't a friendly battle

  7. how was someone spectating your first battle?

  8. How was someone spectating if it wasn't a clan war battle..???

  9. Baby dragons + Valkyries in a Clan Castle may be good because the Baby dragon enrages.

  10. I am french I am not English your understand ??

  11. YEEEEEah!!

  12. Use the new spells

  13. You should continue with the facecam!!

  14. Baby dragon, miner, and healer

  15. anyone else notice that the first raid said "Spectators:1" under the available trophies and loot section? Pat, explanation please?

  16. patrick place the golem after dropping the wall breakers, then as soon as the golem gets locked on use miners to take out any possible air defences, after just spam your baby dragon

  17. is it just me that got confused with the spring trap at 5:04? (obviously ik now but…)

  18. upgrading to th9 :DDDD

  19. Anyone else having problem with taploot???

  20. plz help clash royale is corrupt to many gemmers and people with higher lvl troops and new troops that drooped trophies I CANT PROGRESS AT ALL i was so close to arena 4 but fell back becuse a dropper

  21. العربي يقول انا ويضغط لايك

  22. that freez 3:15 xS

  23. How can you tell if it's a Single target or multi target inferno tower?

  24. Stop scrolling through the comments! Watch the video!

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  26. OMG the video OS 11:11

  27. Pat where is your face