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  1. I hate new update because lots of people will quit the game because of it

  2. baby dragon on def: nasty…. :D

  3. Flying Chewy Wizards. I would try spreading them out. Maybe 8-12 with one on each corner and one on each center and a replacement when they get killed. Maximize the free rage.

  4. 6k trophy in crystal league ??

  5. hemale??

  6. Miner and baby dragon it's also have in clash royal

  7. wtf hall 9 queen 40

  8. They just updated it a few hours ago…All new items are out

  9. Yes!! I'm not the only one who says 'sherbeRt' with an 'R'!! YUSS

  10. Anyone else notice that at the beginning he had over 6000 trophies?

  11. The baby dragon is awesome

  12. man

  13. No he's a elixir troop

  14. im getting them in 8 day i just upgraded

  15. Omg

  16. Wtf what was that intro

  17. Beaker…I'm confused. You attacked a TH9 (very clearly a TH9) that had level 40 heroes. Isn't that impossible? I thought TH9s could only take their heroes to level 30? Was the guy a modder? Or are the ClasherTracker app and the Wiki pages all wrong? Or was it a glitch of some kind? Or were you playing in the developer mode?

  18. Hey Beak!

  19. Looks like Minions…. Don't see the benefit. Even enraged their punch doesn't pack that much destruction power…

  20. that is tutorial niggas

  21. so basically stronger minions

  22. Can they get 4x damage with a rage spell?

  23. they copied clash royale!!!!!

  24. They have wrecked the game ??

  25. (alone forever)
    1 baby drag alone = 2 baby drags
    2 baby drags but both alone = 4 baby drags
    3 baby drags but they're alone = 6 baby drags

    (family gathering)
    2 baby drags together = 2 baby drags
    3 baby drags together = 3 baby drags

    (jealousy to the couples [increase in alone same together number])
    3 baby drags 1 alone + 2 together = 4 baby drags
    4 baby drags 2 alone + 2 together = 6 baby drags
    5 baby drags 3 alone + 2 together = 8 baby drags

    (left out of the group )
    4 baby drags 1 alone + 3 together = 5 baby drags

    (the more alone)
    pretty much the same as the last one but alone increases w/ together increases
    1st one: (5 baby drags) = 7 baby drags

  26. You are cringy af

  27. pls watch my videos and tell what should I add in those videos

  28. nice video waiting for your next video.any suggestion I HV a gaming channel but not having many subs

  29. wow.. they r amazing.. when r they coming

  30. what happens when you use a rage spell when the dragon is already raged on its own?

  31. I'm thinking one hound, 12 loons, 7 baby, 3 drags, 2 lightning, 2 rage, one quake

  32. Baby drag is elixir you on lock at th 9 it's in a lvl 11 barracks and miner is dark troops lvl 7 dark barrack

  33. How u played without new update

  34. hoax how can i trust the baby dragon will be on coc ?

  35. how did u get access to it

  36. Anyone notice in the attack the lvl 12 clan ? Your Welcome

  37. In what TH that this baby dragon exist?