Clash of clans – barbarian level 7 & Archer level 7 upgrades.

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  4. Clash of clans – barbarian level 7 & Archer level 7

  5. This is bs it took me forever to get 7.2 million!!!!!!

  6. The archers are probably gonna shoot flaming arrows like the level 12
    archer towers!

  7. And P.E.K.K.A to level 6 please

  8. Supercell releases all their dlcs for the pay to win people, nothing for us
    playing without spending thousands of dollars on the game

  9. what about valkyries training time?

  10. darude – sandstorm

  11. Under 301 and 212 like! BOOM!

  12. level 7 barbarian has a dragonborn helmet

  13. Supercell is getting a little selfish, i mean, look at now, hog riders can
    only be defeated with multi target INFERNO TOWERS THAT ARE unlocked on T.H
    10, lv 5 pekkas for people with LV8 LAB which is unlocked on T.H 10, Archer
    queen is the damage specialist now but she can only be unlocked on T.H 9,
    and now, guess what? This is ALSO gonna be on LV 8 LAB on T.H 10!!! Whats
    next huh? 6th dark troop on T.H 10 that takes 240 space, 10,000 dark elixir
    and explodes the second you put it?! (Maybe it explodes the entire base)
    come on think for the weak!

  14. I AM FIRST! FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  15. GiggleWiggle.

    I didn’t want to say first.

  16. Hmm…

  17. what the of fuck

  18. Fuck me, I just got Archers Level 6.

  19. when the barbarian gets his mask he looks like a skyrim character XD like
    if u agree

  20. Khi nào ra barbarian 8 và archer 8 ?

  21. I always use 200barbarians and 2 lighting spell

  22. whattttttttttttttttttttttttt the name of fuckkk

  23. I just paid 7,500,000 elixir for lvl 6 archers and now im gonna have to
    fucking do that again. Plus, with the cost lowered, more people will have
    lvl 6 archers. Thanks a fucking lot supercell -_-