Clash of Clans – Beginners’ Guide TH 1-4 – Tip Trick Attack Defense Strategy Farming – Android iOS

Welcome to Clash of Clans – Beginners’ Guide Lead your clan to victory! Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game. Build your village, train your troops …


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  4. Você devia explicar como se faz um ataque mas em português

  5. you should have just use th1 not th10

  6. Good explanations for beginners. This was under ” Attack Stategies” though
    and should be under “CofC Setup and Guide/Beginners

  7. I cannot read that fast

  8. I don’t like these videos where I have to read everything, what’s the point
    of having a video? 

  9. Only 3 stars why not 5?

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  11. This is going to be confusing to some beginners because they might think
    the buildings have to look exactly the same as in the video.

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  17. Another thing in my opinion clash of clans if 5 stars not 3????

  18. he has no subs?

  19. I have a question, if a member leaves your clan while we are in war or war
    preparation, and then come back , are they able to attack in the war? ??
    Please let me know, I really need to know
    Thank you

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