Clash of Clans – BEST NEW CLAN WAR STRATEGY! “SHATTERED LAVALOONION” New 3 Star Attack Strategy!

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  1. No, I am not LEGIQN from the crew. Yes, I am his son. (not really)

  2. Love ur channel and ur videos….. but this sint new.. thehulkfiles and
    onehive already posted thisnlike a month ago… stop stealing ideas and
    think ofnur own :)

  3. did anyone else notice that the first guy had level 30+ heroes and a level
    4 golem?


  5. you’re not a pro. that strat is full of plans. dont try it ever again :D

  6. *hits blunt* Bro.. Who built the first builder’s hut? 

  7. We WILL be trying this strategy in more clan wars and WE WILL 3 STAR SOME

  8. All you people who say you’re first: you weren’t 

  9. We should cross breed the dragon and the pekka to make the drakka a monster
    of the sky’s that flys around in insane armor and shoots flaming swords! It
    would be!………the god damn must fucking retarded troop in the world u
    could clear everything so there were no buildings in the outside of the
    base….and it would still go around.

  10. What would a golum and a lava hound make??

  11. Did anyone else notice the enemy clan was called 100 Proof? O.o

  12. Wees is my daddy

  13. CQOTD: Why does Coleson talk to his village? Is he drunk, high, lonely and
    depressed, etc.?

  14. How would u set up this for th9 (only have lvl1 golems but level 2 lava
    hound max loons lvl 5 minions)

  15. If 69 were a person.. Would you make babies with it?? #AskWite

  16. Comment question: When and Why did u ever start COC AND WHY IS THE QUEEN

  17. heres a really 8===> question:
    If a golem shat out a carrot and a barbarian ate that carrot. Then the
    barbarian had another valkyrie with jane the archer.Now…they both have
    Ghonoria and the wizard makes jane cheat on tommy the barbarian for that
    golem. so here’s the question
    Is a wizard’s butt pale?

  18. Math question: Max had 32 candy bars and then he ate 28 candy bars, what
    does Max have now. Diabetes max has diabetes.

  19. If a golem and a Valkyrie had sex would they make a PEEKA?

  20. Stargery is broken

  21. First comment and 4th view XD

  22. Comment Question OTD | If a pekka and pekka morphed together and then mated
    and mutated with another goblin morphed pekka what would you get?

  23. Such hate and prejudice callig valkyres a “man looking troop” cant girls
    work out?

  24. Would you rather get th11 in the game or get the most op troop ever

  25. Weee is my daddy (where my free gems at though?) Oh you fucking troll -_-