Clash of Clans- Best Raids of the Week Ep9

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  1. What do you use to record your videos and on what device?

  2. Nice video

  3. 6:33 lol

  4. .nicee vid

  5. it sounds like u are really sick!

  6. B4PT XD <3

  7. Nice vid

  8. 8th

  9. Epic

  10. I love you wite <3 (nohomo)

  11. Lol gay voice is back xD

  12. You are my new favorite youtuber it used to be molt but he sent me here and
    I loved your videos ever since.Keep It Up I will make sure to unsubscribe
    from molt to help you put

  13. Thanks

  14. Mystic have you seen SAMs new quest to top 100 video he sucks he cant even
    two star a shit th10 premature base?

  15. What attack strategy did you use at Th8 for trophy pushing?

  16. Clothes line your bro xD great vid dude, love your videos

  17. Amazing video as always :D

  18. Nice video bro! Your defiantly one of the best youtubers for clash! Keep it

  19. Damn I might fav to much on twitter (; 

  20. WITE <3

  21. You mister, deserve more subscribers

  22. Im gonna tweet you all day so i can get in a video :)

  23. Saw u in global! Found your channel and ii love the vids , get back in
    norsk dude!!!

  24. Amazing farm.mystlc7.

  25. You are slowly turning into my favourite coc youtuber.. keep up the great
    videos :)