Clash of Clans | Best Town Hall 10 (TH10) War Base | Anti Valkyrie, Anti 2 Star Base + PROOF [2016]

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  1. That intro was too dank ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

  2. TH10 anti 3* ?. how u came up with these awesome bases U ARE AWESOME
    btw the intro was sick
    KEEP IT UP ;)

  3. TH10 anti 3* ?. how u came up with these awesome bases U ARE AWESOME
    btw the intro was sick
    KEEP IT UP ;)

  4. th 9 version needed !!! :(

  5. pls th9 farming 30 % 12h Shield base

  6. jaso plz make a th5 trophy base video

  7. ?????


  9. Jaso can u make one on another th8 but without the the other dark elixir drill plz

  10. That intro tho???

  11. ali clash of clans

  12. Make a similar base 9 Town Hall please

  13. Everybody is using bowlers+healers now. Oh yeah, and miners.

  14. jaso you are in the same clan with GENERAL TONY

  15. yousmart

  16. epicth10base

  17. Hybrid base th8 pls

  18. can u do a batman's sign base plz

  19. i like it's a perfect anti-gova base and i like the intro too

  20. ?

  21. Thank y I will use it

  22. hmm th10 war base:(

  23. do u have the 6

  24. Made a video talking about you and your clan jaso!

  25. nice intro idol jao?

  26. أحسنت واصل

  27. epic th10 base

  28. subskribe my chenel

  29. The base seems to be really good, but why the dragon + babydragon combination? And is the clan castle lure-able (although it's propably not)?

  30. ela tem uma boua defesa

  31. bom video gostei da vila

  32. Jaso as torres com espinhos da dano

  33. it was funny

  34. troops should be minions and dragons

  35. Jaso I love your videos please keep up the good work and Im not even a th 10 I just like watching your videos

  36. has anyone noticed that almost nobody lured the cc? causing the valk attacks to fail?

  37. Make a TH7 hybrid base plese

  38. Jaso, we want more Th8. War base plz, or new farming

  39. base

  40. lol awsome

  41. Please do a TH6 Best Troll Base Ever Please i have TH6 so i just want to troll my friends and u are the best base designer of all time so please! Next video + Clash Of Clans – Jaso

  42. Good job mate, keep up the good work :)

  43. Do a face reveal

  44. Nice

  45. Jaso Any th8 war bases?