Clash Of Clans – Best Town Hall 7 Trophy Base Speed Build

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  2. My clan is doing a push tomorrow. Hopefully i will get farther up in the

  3. hey this base is good and all but its gonna be so easy to take all of your

  4. im a th 7 crystal so i hope this base works for me up there.

  5. From 1:00 to 1:17 what the fuck

  6. havoc pla do update on this base… PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  7. i made this base expect i didnt finish the vid and i basically made my own

  8. where was the dark elixir drill

  9. Awesome base but that is a level 9 town hall not 7 

  10. Plz plz make update on this base

  11. This is the 9 plz help

  12. If anyone wants to join my clan, it’s called ImAsWeirdAsYou. And the leader
    is Shazzy or sometimes Goku

  13. How does this guy get to 95k with template intros?

  14. Hey havoc what should I do when I don’t have a Christmas preset trap?

  15. I don’t have enough walls

  16. this is a good war base. Not so sure if it’s so good at keeping your stuff

  17. Your base is bad because I got 100% I lost 100 I trophy

  18. Am i the only person this isnt working for? 

  19. I have this same base maxed out and i’m getting raped, and i cant reach
    crystal. its so close yet so far away:(

  20. what about the dark.e drill?

  21. at th7 you obtain a dark elixer drill too … you have not given a space
    for the drill

  22. Clash Of Clans – Best Town Hall 7 Trophy Base Speed Build:

  23. What about the archer queen?!?

  24. Am I the only one who sees a town hall level 9 base?

  25. WTF… how the hell do you put a present box in your base build? Is it a
    secret fuking bomb!