Clash of Clans – Best Townhall 8 (TH8) Farming BASE Defense New “SHRINK TRAP”

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  1. You are just using the same base over and over again. Everytime when there is a new update or something.

  2. Best!!
    But Can You Please Make A TownHall 7 Loot/ Farming Base With The Town Hall On The Corner

  3. Make a defense base for war of town hall 8 please

  4. Your bases aren't original
    You just take the last one and shove a new feature up its ass

  5. Keep it up! 🙂

  6. I th.6

  7. Make a Defence and Farming base mix for TH8 pls

  8. A legend never dies…

  9. Forever the best♡

  10. Hall 9

  11. تصميم جميل

  12. For TH9?

  13. Th9 base plz

  14. Hey man.. how are you?

  15. Can you please make a th 7 version for this

  16. Holy shit you're back:) Btw nice video, only thing is I'm TH9 lol Keep up the great work.

  17. Where you been ?

  18. Can u make a town hall 7 one if you wouldn't mind and nice I like the bases you do

  19. Th 9 please

  20. Th10 base please

  21. Nice