Clash of Clans – “BLAME THE CHICK!” Story Sunday Funny Story! Funny Moments & More!

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  1. Fuckinh love this dude

  2. #Savage lol what a whore


  4. What school do u go to and where do u live at

  5. if you cancel this i will send justing beiber to your house to sing to you ;)

  6. #savage

  7. #SAVAGE

  8. PS. thank Obama for letting all the aliens into america, cuz he wants to push out white people

  9. #savege

  10. dude, the majority of ppl who are from a foreign country are thought to hate and despise america and or Americans, that girl u were "working" with must of been tought to hate Americans and don't let them interfere with there life, if that makes sense

  11. What a bitch lol

  12. #Grade

  13. #savage

  14. I love story Sunday never change it fool

  15. I love story Sunday never change it fool

  16. #savage (for the Asian girl)

  17. No offense I'm in 7th grade and I know square roots

  18. savage

  19. #savage

  20. #savage getting saucy is she atl haha