Clash of Clans BLIND! Can You ATTACK LIKE THIS?

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  1. beak you keep looking at your monitor to see how you were doing. lol´╗┐

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  18. Funny Holiday vid Beak.´╗┐

  19. I'm getting bored of clash of clans´╗┐

  20. do some farming dude with elixier troops now dark olz dude i ve been watching u for year now be good´╗┐

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  35. I cant attack with a whole sceen and not with a half´╗┐

  36. Beak you don't suck your a pro´╗┐

  37. officially out of ideas lol btw can't stand you elevator/sex in the city background music´╗┐

  38. its bugging me that beak doesnt have level 6 wiz´╗┐

  39. you dont suck lol 99% a guy´╗┐

  40. Laughed my butt off in this video ?? very creative beak!´╗┐

  41. love u beaker´╗┐