Clash of Clans – Bowler Attack Strategy (NEW TROOP) – How to use the Bowler!

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  1. Love your videos ash but i think the new troop is stupid

  2. U should make a townhall 9 war base and make a Vidoe about it.

  3. Can't wait ash keep it up hope the bowler is good as he looks ?

  4. Can the bowler attack air as well.

  5. There's not a new update still then how???

  6. you're quick!

  7. keep it up ash

  8. You think there is going to be second dark troop or no?

  9. Hey guys! Instead of just introducing the new troop like other YouTubers, I decided to give you guys an in depth explanation and how I believe is the proper way to use the Bowler in your attacks!


  11. tbh the bowler is ugly looking, doesn't fit the clash theme… why the heck is it blue and looks like a shrek-smurf????

  12. third

  13. second

  14. first yay