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  1. I want everyone to know this, each day at least 400 babies that are born have HIV, Godson wasn't specific about what it is but I love him. So please just buy it…

  2. I didn't get this offer

  3. I still have not got the update why is that.

  4. Godson is white..?

  5. Godson, what kind of music do you have in your vid? Dude, is this polka music…

  6. like 400 huehuehue

  7. how do you get it I did not get the update

  8. godson i need help

  9. what will u get when u sell it LOL

  10. is this out? cause i didntse e it in my shop

  11. no intro?

  12. after 30 november maintainaice which happened yesterday……evening…..after the break my clash of clans is not opening plz……help me….and tell me what should i do… th is 8 and its profile name is Ar RiFaT…..plz help me

  13. Channel description sodium akttgg pie.

  14. godson will u help me….plz

  15. fuck off

  16. thats it no new troop?

  17. Clash of clans isn't lit anymore

  18. Yooooolllloooooo

  19. Llegue temprano 😀
    PD: Buenos vídeos GODSON :d

  20. the barb king has a red shoulder pad look at him not the statue the actual hero he has a red one

  21. I support but I don't have 5 dollars I'm a kid and don't have job?