Clash of Clans – “Can It Win?” – Episode 1 – GoLoonWiWi!

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  1. use golawiloon

  2. i would suggest to use around 8-10 loons at the end of the raid for cleanup of archer towers…coz once dey r gone its a 3 star…but for this type of abses required are which have Aarcher towers in d sides nd ADs in the centre

  3. 1st attack was fucking stpuid!!! you went ground attack and you wasted 4 Lighting spells just take out 1 air defense.. next one took out rest of ballons.. but you went with ground attack? wtf was the point of taking air defense? if they are not going attack you?

  4. what is the logic behind this attack. i mean wat is the use of taking out air defence. i think the ballons were total wste

  5. Nice video galladon! Keep it up!

  6. I wish you would do attacks with not maxed heros. Only a handful of clashers have maxed heros. Do one with a lower hers 20-30..

  7. When will th11 come???

  8. It's a good strategie for th8s goloonwipe it works well join my clan 12" Wonder RB

  9. Feel like he brushed off this style of attack without even doing it properly.

  10. anyone thinking of LooWiGi ?

  11. The best attack yet

  12. Get speed on 0.5 Galadon sounds so so funny LOL

  13. idk why someone use this army, why u destroy an airdefense if your attaking with gowiwi this don't make any sense

  14. 5:34* the barracks & spell fact are out of range… blind people nowadays

  15. Galadon i dunno if u messed up on purpose but am assuming u wanted to just mock others. Its a very effective strategy at th9 known as golowiwi where the golems witches and wizards are used for taking out the archerqueen and air defense in entirety so that the loons can come in from the backend and take out the base for 3 star. Suitable bases are those in which air defense is centered for easy take down. Am really hoping u attempted humor and messed because making fun of genuinely good strategies will let down the credibility of this channel.

  16. I'm pretty confident this video was just Galadon being his typical non-serious, light-hearted, amusing (silly) self, which means people are taking it WAY too seriously and getting upset for no reason.

  17. that attack sucked from the start

  18. its more popular as gowiwi-belo (back end loons). And you still have to master it

  19. Attack names are the dumbest things ever

  20. try using hogowiwi