Clash Of Clans – Can you jump THE GAP!? (Live Attempt)

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  1. Galadon is in the clan?! (Sarcasm) I wonder why he's in it!!!

  2. 3:15the golems (kinda)jumped over that wall, séides

  3. Hi spencer, just wondering why you have your language as German. At least I think it's German, your videos are amazing and keep up the good work??????

  4. 2:25 song name please?

  5. It is the fact that the golems aren't always going for the same structures and the hit boxes are larger.

  6. You've got a full klanslottropper

  7. lol i am a th6

  8. That's probably the best bulgarian CoC clan :/

  9. walk the walls

  10. The jump spell didnt work for the golems bacause their hit box is bigger than the queens so they didnt get close to the wall for the jump spell to affect them, maybe?

  11. Hi Spencer, I've got a question: What do you mean with "clan wars are fun again!" And anti 3 star bases became "useless"? What changed supercell? It would be awesome to know, because my clan is a quite sucessful warclan and we need the news;) your videos are amazing! Keep on ?!!

  12. Hmmm… Nice Shattered Laloon on attack… Soo close to a three star!

  13. Dang! Your intro in every vote video is cool!
    More better than galadonxD

  14. Spencer, use jump spell a little bit farther to the outside and the queen jumped and the golems didn't cuz the golem is wider and the queen isn't. So it happened to me when I placed a heal or rage for dragons cuz they didn't seem to use it. So it depends on the unit size.

  15. anti 3 star th 9 are hog rider-able mabye hogs with 2  freeze and 3 heal?

  16. How old are You Spencer?

  17. Spencer, can you share some more vagizard attacks? I tried it and fail in wars??

  18. Beautiful attacks, you made it look easy!! BTW do you think a th9 with all lv 10 walls and lv 50 royals combined in champs can join your main clan? Or only the sepecat branch. 

  19. In my experience, jump spell has to be over the in-jumping wall and not necessarily over the out-jumpster. So you should cast it so it covers the troops about to jump in to jump in, and it only has to reach the wall they oughtta jump out, doesn't have to reach beyond it.
    The reasoning is that the troops have to be inside the spell when they jump, but not necessarily when they land. The spell doesn.t need to cover the landing area only the jumping area.

  20. Peter17$ Spencer23$ Fanboy