Clash of Clans- Cant Attack On Camera!? AMAZING WAR FAIL XD

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  1. nelly i will req to join your clan my name is the leo

  2. Nelly go hate on Clasher Jordster hes a fag;)

  3. nelly can you join my clan #lyccgpuur

  4. do u want to win a 50$ itunes or google play voucher? if you do make a youtube intro including my channel name then send it to

  5. must include my channel name which is clasher jordster

  6. nelly there have been 8 sent so far but if you can make me a youtube intro and send it to then you will have a chance at winning a 50$ itunes or google play voucher.
    winning intro=50$
    2nd intro 25$
    3rd intro 10$

  7. Good try!!! Maybe hogs is the way to go with th8 wars? what level are your hogs

  8. Facecam?

  9. Still better gowipe then me

  10. hey can I join your clan im maxed th7 going to th8

  11. Great Video Bro!!! ???

  12. here since 300 subs <3

  13. It's alright man XD

  14. can i join your clan

  15. "amazing war fail"