Clash of Clans – “CHAMPION VISION!” | Road to Champion’s League TH9 Attacks

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  1. if you wouldnt have wasted 15 seconds you wouldve 3-starred. dumbass

  2. i think your bro is an idiot

  3. My name is edwin cr7

  4. Can u check my base and tell me how is it my clan is calles uknown gods

  5. hey there is a guy named braden in your clan lol

  6. two

  7. I just made a new clan in well obviously.. Clash of Clans! The clan name is Apex 7 and we only accept townhall 7's. There is some more information below!

    Apex 7 do wars back to back but you do have a choice to be in the wars
    I have 2 other loyal members in my clan and we are looking for more recruits.
    If you are interested I will be accepting invites for a while.

  8. Good loot

  9. Guys join my clan called: Shadow Pwnies! Clan leader is !+TheClashGod+!

  10. Clan: The Wicked East
    Player: Shadow_Attacker
    Brand new clan if you want to do war and donate. We earn our elders and co-leader by donating and war participation. If you join please stay so we can get at least 10 members. Thanks for reading!

  11. Bro I want to know how to earn more gems to buy builder ? pls can u help !!!

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  13. Great Stream,Thanks for the base review! :)

  14. O mygon

  15. Hi

  16. Ho

  17. What day is the next stream so i can get notified?

  18. Base review Please!! for the next Stream!! CLAN NAME AND TAG:PINOY AKATZUKI #YGRC98R MY NAME:JennXPenn

  19. Base review Please!! for the next Stream!! CLAN TAG:#YGRC98R  
    MY NAME:JennXPenn