Clash of Clans – Champions War League Season 3 – Inside the CWL

  1. I love these video

  2. Nice vlog

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  4. I love clash of clans

  5. Türkler?

  6. ⭐Игра просто супер⭐?можно добавить что-нибуть новое в игру вайна кланов??㊙?К

  7. Класс??

  8. Обажаю игру

  9. Можно по русскому

  10. Awesome highlight of the admins and for the league <3

  11. Please join our new COC clan Name: Wizard Saints.I am the leader StevenTMM. We need more players/members that are more active and well improve our clan.

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  13. Clash of clans is the best game .

  14. الرجاء إلغاء الإشارات المسيئة للإسلام
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  16. Sir my ID is lose please help me

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  18. I always forgot India
    we guys also no english

  19. supercell pls invite us also

  20. Quero participar dessa liga!! Quero ver alguém me derrotar

  21. A super cell podia fazer pra pc

  22. "My name is blondie" lmfao

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  24. Os brasileiros pedem atenção,coloquem legendas em todos os vídeos please?

  25. Coc team when you give us christmas update i love playing clash

  26. Hey coc mader plz i tell one thing see you a made a upgrade to gives gems and enjoy

  27. Interessante…