Clash of Clans – Champions War League Season 3 – OneHive vs Faked WGM spotlight

  1. Theyre called faked wrgsm not wgm

  2. jnxnhv

  3. Please tell me. Faked wgm ( wizz player ). Reall name ? And city . Because his attacks best ?

  4. Ok play tournaments as many as you want but dont call yourself a fuckin gamer?

  5. Make you water Wizard please

  6. We all nepalese are hoping for tha nepalese Flag hope we will ger it soon….

  7. I started a new clan that’s will specialize in helping each other expand our fortress and make as much gold/ elixir as we possibly can as quick as we can. Join now CASHFLOW-365

  8. Thanks for continually supporting the CWL supercell. It means a lot to the war community.

  9. perdonenme la molestia pero muchos yutuberes disen que en este año 2018 abra una actualización de clash of clan abra un nuevo nivel de ayuntamiento 12 y nuevas tropas no se si eso es verda pero si pudiera mandarle una imagen para que vean él nuevo th12 seria estupendo quiero que salga esa nueva actualización de clash of clan y nuevas tropas muchas grasos me despido atentamente sin molestia …… clash of clans muchas grasias

  10. Take home the Golden pekka?!?

  11. Nice

  12. any one buy coc Th 10 half max

  13. No Base No Safe. Haha

  14. I'm the championship…. I challenge you

  15. I really like that guy's two tone pants, they stole the show!

  16. الترجمه الا العربيه

  17. #QJCJUP82 <~Clan Tag
    Join Here And let Us get Strong together !!

  18. Lol

  19. This is very interesting game,really iam very happy for this game.

  20. I want to ask that really town hall 12 will be there in coc

  21. I want to join your clan pls pls

  22. My clan is lvl 10. 60 war lose 240 win one day our clan will be in 1st position

  23. I call bullshit, these are not the best clans

  24. i want to join u r clan guys

  25. All virgins

  26. Nice

  27. Baby Dragon is commenting…Please make something supercell…. Clash Of Clans is starting to fade away from gamers attention… Make something
    attractive to the game…. That way gamers will look back this beautiful game you make…. Please supercell, We needs you to get back on track… Keep your great game working Supercell, KEEP IT NO'1 IN PLAY STORE&APP STORE…

  28. They don't even know how to attack all are shits

  29. Get a life