Clash Of Clans | Chat with SPENCER23$ on Clan Building! (Part 1)

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  1. Warkings we beat u in war lol

  2. nice keep it up

  3. "The War Squad" Level 7, 108 wins (black and white flag). War non stop, very active chat and donations. We also have a sister can "Tranquil Dawn" Level 6 clan for the rushed, lower th and unexperienced attackers where we coach and make strong enough to go to "The War Squad". Chech us out!

  4. that usb charger looks sweet so….

    I once met a guy in a clan my one irl friend told me to join, this was almost 2 years ago & we were like th 4. his name was KushKing (ya it's stupid but he's a great guy, I'll glad I wasn't prejudice about his name and didn't immediately judged who he was). we became great friends and worked our way up to co leaders in this weak clan and eventually, through some huge drama within the clan (called IronHand), we left and found a new clan with more people at our level. this clan was called Fux Given 0. we worked our way up the 'corporate' ladder once again and became co leaders and were doing great in there, but then the clan we were in merged with another (who's name I don't remember) and then we called ourselves Fighting Fux. I stayed here for a bit and so did KushKing. it wasn't the same and had a more arrogant atmosphere, which I didn't like, and was filled with co leaders. I then quit clash for maybe half a year around the time when clan wars came out. I came back after the long break from the game to find my self un welcome to the clan, and having lost my friend. He won't respond on kik and no one in the clan knows where he is (as I got stronger I was welcomed back to the clan). that is my clash story since then I have been in cwa several times, and can't stay committed to a clan, which explains why I've left cwa a week after I joined each time I was given the opportunity to join. the game hasn't felt the same since…

    with your huge audience Ash, I bet someone reading these comments might know something. Fighting Fux still exists and it's a great atmosphere now, check it out guys if your looking for a good th 8+ kind of clan, many lvl 100+ there… But ya there's my clan story 🙂 clash on guys!

  5. I'm currently in this clan called Clash With Ash, its alright, they named it after some guy, I swear he's bonkers

  6. Ha Sep 2 warred Canadian Moose

  7. When is part 2 coming out? I can't find it on Spencer's channel.

  8. Where Crimson Fields from 40-45 people we recruit by loyalty and how they communicate , during war

  9. Great video Ash!!!

  10. a collab with peter17$ nice 1 homie, bet it feels great to be recording with one of the top notch Youtube Clashers! great on ya mate!

  11. over 235 war wins. almost at another 40 win streak. Kingsofwar786 level 8

  12. Thanks guys….enjoyed the conversation; appreciate you sharing

  13. My clan is "BLESSED CALVARY" we are a hardcore war clan with Townhalls 5-10. We are win 237! We are also lvl9! We are a 3 star attack clan only and we have a tight loyal family of friends from all over the world. When you become a Cavalier your not only joining a clan your joining a family. We have 3rd party apps so we all keep in touch 24/7. We have had many tragedies from losing lives of clan members to our members having touch times, we help everyone through it. We love to see dedication and great convo's about the game. Thats us 🙂 My name is KB i am the Ex Leader, and thats our clan 🙂 Thanks!

  14. hey ash what was the chat app you mentioned?

  15. great video. ..working on forming our multi clan alliance right now have one feeder one main lots of work ahead of us Product Legion main. Legion Allied feeder. Tell em KOALA sent ya ; )

  16. Great video Ash, and spencer! I like it!!! My clan is called "Minnesota.Nice" we did "loot of farm wars" until we decided to e a regular war clan. We are level 5. We have about 45ish people, we are actually scattered around the world, but some are from Minnesota. Thank you for the video! What screen recording app do you use? My whole clan loves your videos btw, I posted a comment on your website. Thanks!

  17. I am in the Lost Phoenix Family :). #CronusPride

  18. two of my favorite clashers 😀

    cam next?

  19. like

  20. hey nice video !